Wheel Replacement & Where?

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What is wheel replacement?

  • Car repair and tune ups are always needed at some point in your car’s life. With time and usage      components become worn out and inefficient.
  • The wheels replacement, also known as replacing of the wheels (rims and tires) as they are obviously one of the most heavily used parts, so maintaining a solid connection between the wheels and the car chassis is very important for a smooth ride. With repeated overheating incidents, wheel damage can occur. And, even though proper application of grease will help these parts last longer, they will eventually need to be replaced. The rims’ and tires’ price depend on the rim size and the type, brand and amount of damage respectively.

When wheels (tire and rims) need to be replaced?

  • Every 10000 kilometers to 15000 kilometers, the wheels(rims and tires) need to get checked and replaced(if necessary) depending on the condition of the same.
  • Most cars depend on inflated tires to move properly. The tires depend on correctly fitted, working rims to maintenance of the tire pressure. If there are air leaks from the tires then it is better to replace the damaged rims(as damaged rims also cause damages on tires by creating pressure on the tires) or tires as per requirements. Leaking tires generally come from tire issues, but the rim also causes issues. Alloy rims with construction issues leak. It is recommended for replacement of faulty alloy rims rather than repairs.
  • When the tire treads are worn, the car may respond poorly in adverse weather conditions like heat, rain and snow. With good treads on tires, car will grip the road better. Also, having insufficient tread is considered illegal in many states. And finally, worn treads can make other parts of car wear prematurely. Regardless of tread wear, vehicle manufacturers generally recommend to replace the tires after every six years.
  • Finding cracks or broken edges on the rim or rusted steel rims indicates a need to replace the rim. Hard contact to the rim, including hitting high curbs or large potholes, potentially results in bending or damage.
  • Checking your tires for inflation issues once a month provides information on amount of pressure loss. Tires lose more air during the winter. Sudden fluctuation in pressure indicates a need to have the tire and rim inspected.
  • It is also recommended to put the correct wheels (rims and tires) size depending on the car so that the size of the wheels does not hamper the performance of the car.
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