5 things to check when installing new tyres

Tyre wore off too soon?
Buying a new set of tires?
Here’s a guide that will help you buy and install tires to last longer!

  1. Ensure the New set of wheels are well balanced:

    When installing new tyres, it’s essential to make sure that they pass the wheel balancing test . If you’re in a hurry and choose not to do the test, it may affect the lifespan of your tyre and can also be problematic when driving
    For eg :- Your steering may rock back and forth when driving especially when driving at higher speeds

  2. Your wheel better be well standing :

    The wheels are supposed to be standing straight i.e 90 to the ground. Incase your tyre is tilting right or left, it may result in toe in or toe out. This situation can cause uneven braking which may result in accidents

  3. Take a look at your “Wheel treads”:

    The design on your wheels that give the tyre it’s grip are called “Wheel treads”. They need to be minimum 1.6mm or more to be legal!!!
    A car’s wheel treads range anywhere between 4mm to 8mm to be classified as good and will last longer.

  4. Know what your usage is like :

    If you have a 5+ family or carry a lot of luggage to and fro everyday, a tyre as per the requirement should be fit. Take recommendations before you choose!
     Overloading can cause the tyres to over heat and cause the tyres to wear easily and sooner!
    Also if you drive a little too rash or fast , remember this leads to tyre damage.
    Ask your Tyre retailer to show you tyres as per your usage and make sure you mention if you carry a lot of luggage often

  5. Check Owner’s Manual to avoid mismatch  :

    While installing a new tyre, make sure the specification in the owner’s manual , match with the tyre you purchase ! This makes sure all your car parts are as the per the factory make of the car, and will run as new, even after regular needed changes.

    These should be enough to ensure you got a reliable pair fit!
    Thank me later.

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